TW suffered from low IQ, schizoaffective and bipolar disorders. TW had long and successful work history as a bus boy at a well-known and popular diner, a job he held for over 15 years when, at the age of 53, he was terminated from the job because the diner hired a new manager. Afterwards, TW applied at many places seeking employment but was never hired because of his obvious mental impairment. SSA denied disability benefits arguing he was able to work as evidenced by his previous work at the diner and by the fact he continually sought employment during his disability case.

Chris R. Borgia, Esq. was able to get TW a lump sum award consisting of 2 years worth of retroactive disability benefits, future monthly Disability Insurance Benefits, Supplemental Security Income, future monthly Supplemental Security Income payments and immediate enrollment in Medicare at the age of 55. Mr. Borgia was able to prove in court that his past work at the diner was “sheltered work” meaning that his previous manager was very sympathetic to his mental condition and provided TW with many accommodations and but for such accommodations, TW was really unable to work, despite his willingness.