Disability and Degenerative Disc Disease of the Lumbar Spine

KW suffered from degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine (lower back), which caused him significant pain, decreased range of motion and weakness in the legs that required him to walk around in cane. KW worked as a carpenter for most of his life and was the only trade he knew. SSA agreed that he could no longer do the type of carpentry work he used to do but nevertheless denied disability benefits arguing he was able to work sit at a desk and build wooden birdhouses. KW was denied benefits a total of 5 times before Mr. Borgia was able to get his case reversed on an appeal to the U.S. District Federal Court.

Chris R. Borgia, Esq. was ultimately able to get KW a lump sum award consisting of 5 ½ years worth of retroactive disability benefits, future monthly Disability Insurance Benefits, Supplemental Security Income payments and immediate enrollment in Medicare at the age of 55. Mr. Borgia was able to prove in court that the severity of his lower back pain was so severe that he unable to sit at desk for more than half an hour at a time, which in turn prevented him from sitting at desk to do any type of work whatsoever.